Thursday, November 6, 2008

War of words erupts over who will portray President-elect Obama on film.

A war of words has broken out among several leading black Hollywood actors over who will play President-Elect Barack Obama in a potential future feature film. Summed up below are some of the arguments the actors have used.

Chris Rock:

"I made history in the 2003 film Head of State when I depicted a black president. That deserves some respect!"

Will Smith:

"I'm tall, skinny; I have the ears. Come on, I'm perfect for this!"

Denzel Washington:

"I always play serious black people. Any black person can play a rapper, but only I can play a black president. That is just a fact."

Sidney Poitier:

"Who cares if I'm too old? It has to be me! I'm the star of Guess who's Coming to Dinner? Now it's time for Guess who's Going to Be President!"

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