Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama to save economy through use of own image.

The presidential transition team of Barack Obama has revealed the details of a complex economic rescue plan designed to stimulate the flagging US economy. Under the plan, failing companies would be permitted to use the image of Barack Obama on their products as well as for their corporate identities. During the current recession, economists have noticed that Barack Obama themed items are bucking the trend and experiencing staggering sales.

Some examples of the plan: Troubled car-maker General Motors would be allowed to print an image of Barack Obama on all cars produced, which analysts believe will instantly raise demand and thus stimulate the economy. "It is a brillaint idea!" said one GM manager "And the best thing is that the value of these items will only go up. We can sell this stuff on eBay in a few years for even more money!"

Meanwhile, failed financial companies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would be renamed "Barack Obama Fannie Mae" and "Barack Obama Freddie Mac" which is also expected to instantly propel their stock prices upwards. Even struggling home-owners are to be allowed to make use of the scheme. For example, neighbourhoods with falling house prices will be able to rename themselves "Barack Obamaville" or "Obamatown" etc.

"When the guy said he had a plan to save the economy, I never thought it would involve him," said one Wall Street trader, adding "The more stuff has his name on it, the better! Let the good times roll."

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