Friday, August 22, 2008

Suspicions grow as Gary Glitter denied entry into Chinese Olympic gymnasts.

Suspisions about the real ages of the gold-winning Chinese Olympic gymnasts intensified yesterday after it emerged that convicted child molester Gary Glitter had been denied access to them. Glitter, who was recently released from his incarceration in Vietnam on charges of sexually abusing underage girls recently attempted to visit China to "congratulate the girls in person."

Evidence is mounting that Chinese officials have in fact falsified the ages of the Olympic gymnasts, who must be over sixteen in order to compete in the Games. The recent attempts by Glitter - real name Paul Gadd - to gain access to the young gymnasts has only fueled speculation about their real ages. One source close to the Games noted "Why would he want to see them if they were sixteen or older? And why would the Chinese authorities keep them away from him if they weren't underage? It is a real mystery."

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