Tuesday, August 26, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Newsifact investigation reveals Zimbabwe cover-up (PRESS-RELEASE).

An exclusive investigation by Newsifact has revealed stunning misinformation by the mainstream media about the African nation of Zimbabwe. In a year-long investigation, we interviewed hundreds of witnesses, looked at thousands of documents and followed numerous leads. Now, Newsifact can exclusively reveal that rather than the media lie of Zimbabwe as an impoverished, poor and broken nation, the country, in fact, has the largest number of dollar millionaires and also billionaires on Earth.

Our investigation has conclusively found that almost every single citizen of Zimbabwe is a dollar billionaire, so rich that they often carry around banknotes in carts. People are so rich, that the government can barely keep up with printing banknotes to accomodate their citizen's wealth, and shops too are almost empty as they struggle to satisfy consumer demand for more. Why have the mainstream media covered this up? Or did they just fail to do their homework?

We expect this news will be huge as it breaks across the world - another scoop from Newsifact.

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