Friday, September 4, 2009

Right-wing mob attacks Roger Federer during doctor's visit.

A right-wing mob has attacked Swiss tennis player Roger Federer during a routine doctor's visit in the US state of Wyoming. Federer, who is vacationing in the state, undertook a doctor's visit for a minor ailment, but was met by an angry crowd accusing him of wanting to destroy the US healthcare system.

The incident appears to have been caused by a typo in a series of "educational pamphlets" distributed to right-wing groups by a prominent lobbying front group representing US medical insurance companies. The pamphlet had the banner: "Say no to a federer take-over of healthcare!"

After receiving the pamphlets, one Wyoming-based Republican group apparently learned that the tennis star was visiting the area and immediately set out to ambush the man, yelling profanities and accusing him of being a "Nazi-communist!"

"He didn't know what the hell was going on," said one bystander.

The lobbying group has issued an apology for the typo. Yet, this isn't the first time such a mix-up has taken place. Last month, an angry mob in D.C. attacked Judy Feder, a Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University after a similar typo in lobbyist-produced materials asked Republican groups to "Say no to Feder take-over."

"We have since undertaken several procedures to make sure that these errors don't happen again," said a spokesperson for the lobbyist group "The medical insurance companies have been very supportive and have agreed to provide $400 million for an entire fleet of spell-checkers."


  1. I know this has to be a parody post... but at this point I believed it for a moment or two.

  2. The crazies have gotten so crazy that, yeah me too, I bought it for a moment or two.