Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Exclusive: Guy Ritchie to make biographical film about life with Madonna.

In our exclusive interview with Guy Ritchie, the director reveals that he is to make a "deeply honest and personal" film about life with his soon-to-be ex-wife Madonna.

So what made you decide to make this film?

It is a tough time for me right now and this was a way to sort of clear my mind. It will be a very personal, truthful film about a marriage that went bad.

What exactly will the plot of this film be?

The main character is called Roy and he is sort of a cross between Phil and Grant Mitchell from the British soap-opera Eastenders. He lives in the rough part of the East End of London.

Is he a gangster?

Yes, he is. He runs a dodgy car dealership - you know, second hand cars - best not to ask where they came from. He is a good fella, but has quite a temper if you get on his wrong side. The film will be about a sort of gangster war between Roy and this character called Nails. By the way, the film is going to be called Toot. It will be quite violent - a lot of head-butting, which is Roy's trademark.

And how exactly is this about your life and marriage seeing as you are not a gangster and live in posh Notting Hill in the West End of London?

You're lucky I know how to control my huge gangster-like temper!

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